Our Fees-


Vary according to type of work, travel time involved and the amount of post processing desired or required.  Our basic rate is $75 per hour on location and $40 per hour for post processing work. Payment for shooting is due the day of the shoot.  In most cases a deposit is required at the time of the booking. Final payment for the work is due at the time of the delivered images or videos.  Full day and multiple sessions will be discounted relative to the total time contracted for the shoots/processing.

Smyrna Air Show-


May 2012, the Blue Angels highlighted this years annual Air SHow in Smyrna.  A suprise appearance by an Air Force B1-B Bomber also gave the failthful spectators (cloudy and rainy day).  To look at a few photos of the B1-B Bomber or the Blue Angels, visit my gallery site at:  http://pix.eosphotoman.com